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Join me for One Day of Passion Provocation

Dear friends, colleagues, associates and subscribers,

I am passionately delighted to invite you to attend one of our One-Day Passion & Profits Program!



Saturday 17 March

Thursday 22 March


Thursday 29 March

Charles Kovess


Whatever you do, do what you can to be a participant at one of these events.

What would it be worth to you to discover what you are truly passionate about?

What could you achieve if you unleashed your passion, sitting there just below the surface?

What would it be worth to you to accomplish what you deeply want?

How would it feel to live a life that is full of meaning to you?

How many ideas, projects and opportunities have been left undone?

And what has this cost you?



A Special Invitation from Charles Kovess .. . .

Your next 12-24 months will produce the same results you've always created—unless you choose to do something different.

If you're ready to start living life with the powerful resource of your passion, so that you create real and lasting breakthroughs in your life and work, this Program is for you.

How do you discover and nurture your passion so you live the life you want?

How do you identify, and then achieve, your most important goals?

Are you tired of trying to do it all alone?

Would you benefit from gaining insights into passion strategies that will support you?

Are you ready to make this your breakthrough time?

Then read on . . ..

(And as you read this, think about whether this is for you, or your team members you lead, or your colleagues, or even members of your family and wider circle of friends. If you have previously attended one of my public programs like this, or one of my corporate programs, then I have a special offer for you: just send me an email and I’ll give you the details.)

Imagine yourself 12 months from now. You've not only had a good year, you've had a GREAT year—an EXTRAORDINARY and PASSION-FILLED year! In fact, it's been the best year of your life.

You're with your family, friends, colleagues and clients. You realise that your celebration includes more satisfaction and fulfillment than you have ever felt.

As you reminisce over the past 12 months, you realize you've accomplished more, given more, received more and become more than you ever thought possible.

You've accomplished your biggest and most important goals. You feel terrific about them. You feel like a winner because you have, in fact, won!

You did it!

You broke the cycle and your past patterns.

You've discovered, or at long-last committed to pursue, your passion, learned new skills, gained profound wisdom, made new—and lifelong—friends. And you did this because you chose to leap outside your comfort zone.

You've made one of the most significant decisions of your life—you joined me and a select group of others in transforming and taking charge of our lives.

The One Day Passion & Profits Program

By participating in this world-class and unique Program, you can expect to reach new heights of achievement because you will have chosen to live with and harness the passion that is sitting there, waiting for you.

You will receive coaching, mentoring, training, support, tools, access and masterminding. You'll learn the strategies, tactics, tools and insights of wisdom to blast through any self-imposed limits and blocks to your success.

I'll share with you the best of what I've learned in the past 30+ years of research and experience, including my main role as Australasia’s Passion Provocateur since 1993. And we'll work together to make sure you get clear on how your goals are achieved. You'll accomplish not only more goals, but bigger, more inspiring goals—goals that create the most fulfillment for you.

I’ll provoke you, I’ll teach you, I'll help you design the way, and I’ll also offer to hold you accountable. Think what it will feel like to know that you're working on the next best action step to achieve your most important desires and to create your life so that it has profound meaning for you and your family.

You will have support, clarity, opportunity and a wise network that can transform your life.

Your rewards from life can only be received after you give of yourself with your passion. You are like a gardener: first you have to sow, and then you can reap! But when you are passionate, you are able to give so much more, and what seemed difficult in the past now becomes easy. You will sow like you’ve never sown before!

And participating in this Passion & Profits Program is the best way to sow, to plant the seeds of your future. You won't just be thinking about your goals for a few short days—you'll be focused on them continually! And you'll see consistent progress every month.

This Program has but one purpose: to help YOU to live with passion, to work with passion, and to achieve YOUR goals and to live YOUR life in the way that gives you fulfillment, deep gratitude and meaning


I passionately ask you to read EVERY WORD of this special invitation. You owe it to yourself to fully investigate and consider this Program. If you understand what this is really about and you can still say no to it, that's fine. All I ask is that you make an informed and thoughtful decision by investigating it thoroughly. I am even more than happy to discuss the Program with you personally on the telephone.

If you are a leader of others in the workplace, and you can see that they would benefit enormously from this Program and a changed way of thinking, then send them along to the Program, or even bring them with you!

You could even give this Program to your team members who deserve to be rewarded for their outstanding contributions to your organisation.

Benefits of Participating

In this Program, you will . . ..

• learn the strategies to discover what you are passionate about

• understand why passion is such a powerful resource, and that YOU have it already: but you have to access it

• make lasting connections and build your professional network

• find the support you need to succeed

• identify, define and articulate your most important goals

• think bigger than ever before

• design your action plans

• identify your hidden strengths

• put more fun and satisfaction into your life

• eliminate long unsatisfying hours, unnecessary busy work and crippling failures.

Yes! I'm Ready to Create a Life of Passion. 
Click Here to Take Me to the Next Step: Just say: “I’m ready!” 
And I’ll send you all you need to know.

As a participant in this Passion & Profits Program, you'll have the support, the information, the ideas and the experience that will enable you to harness your passion and exceed your expectations—not only now, but on an ongoing basis.

Just how much could you accomplish if you had the power of your passion, wisdom, and the right information, beliefs, the proper skills and enough clarity, focus and support?

If you're smart, hard-working, well-intentioned and STILL not making the progress you think you should be making, this Program is for YOU!

I'll welcome you to the select group of those who understand the power of their passion, share the best I've got and help to keep you accountable. We'll learn, grow and accomplish our goals together.

Features . . .

• Spend an inspirational and mind-stretching day with me and a group of select individuals

• Meet interesting people who can become part of your mastermind group

• Design goals that are truly and passionately your own, not someone else’s

• Interactive and enjoyable learning where the day goes amazingly fast

• In-depth discussions on the true factors that promote, and hinder, success

• Workbooks that won’t feel anything like ‘work’

• Discover insights that help you unleash your passion and genius and weirdness

• Comfortable physical environment so that you can rediscover the joy of learning

• Delicious morning and afternoon teas and lunch, all included

• Opportunities where you can call me and pick my brain on anything you like after the Program

• Audio recordings of the entire event with a transcript, so you can review your insights as many times as you like

This is for You if You…

• are truly ready to claim the success you deserve

• are willing to make significant changes

• are ready to play a bigger game—a game worth playing

• are sick and tired of not getting what you deserve

• want to get clear on what you really want and why you want it

• want to create something extraordinary.

“Your Program clarified my own thoughts and beliefs about life, work, and passion. The need for leadership with integrity was made clear to me. I would like to add with sincerity that your seminar was a rare and valuable experience.” - Ysabelle Dean

Warning Number One

This is not your typical rah-rah motivational, vague, general program with pie-in-the-sky promises and little or no solutions. This is an intensive hands-on interactive experience where you'll identify what you really want, what's holding you back and actually start overcoming your obstacles and achieving your objectives. This is not a Program that you attend so you can sign up for another Program: this is the real thing! You get the best of what I can share with you.

You'll identify, plan, execute and accomplish more goals than you ever thought possible. You'll have a strong team behind you.

Why I Created this Program

Since 1993, I've been sharing information and offering inspiration and ideas to people from around the world to help them be more successful—well over 30,000 people have been positively impacted. During that time, some of Australia’s top businesses and leaders have used my insights and programs to help them on their journeys.

But information and ideas, no matter how good, aren't enough. I know, because I talk to people every day who have great information and inspiring goals. They work hard, they care about things that matter. They've experienced success, but deep down inside, they know they can BE, DO and HAVE more in their life.

They've told me that help and advice is needed: need for more structure, more support and more accountability; a way to fuel the fire and passion that makes life worthwhile and gives you the ability to take action and move forward.

That's what this Passion & Profits Program is all about. That's what you get to experience!

Over the past 30+ years—and especially since 1993—I’ve learned and developed crucial strategies that you can harness to create substantial breakthroughs in the way you think, react, determine, plan and achieve your goals, to live with passion Working together, we'll make these strategies and tools live and work in your life.

“Charles, your Program reinforces for me to always be connected to my passion. Passion will always be my driver and will create the best life I can give myself, personally and professionally.” - Kaylene Wynn

What you get with this Program …

• An audio recording of the entire Program

• A word-for-word transcript of the Program, to help you reinforce your insights and learnings

• The Passion Program Manual

• Small group mastermind that meets regularly

• Private forum for discussion with your other Passion Program Participants

• Access to my private email address for quick questions, comments or suggestions

• Expansion of your network as you meet other inspiring and inspired individuals

• Phone contact during office hours with me to share insights you've gained, bounce ideas around, and allow me to get to know you better so I can help you make any adjustments to your game plan you may need, going forward

What Goals Do You Want to Achieve?

• Discover how to pursue your passion?

• Launch a new product?

• Start a new business or division within your current company?

• Increase your income by 50–100%?

• Change the world’s attitude to corporate social responsibility?

• Reduce the hardships experienced by many?

• Lose that extra weight, get fit, and really start taking care of yourself?

• Learn new skills, new hobbies, increase your knowledge?

• Meet new people, get involved in your community, and network more effectively?

• Design that investment strategy, plan your retirement, and eliminate your debt?

• Buy a dream home, drive the car you’ve always wanted, the boat you’ve wanted to captain?

• Start your own business, grow your business, and develop the strategies to keep your customers coming back?

• Travel to those amazing places where you've always wanted to go?

• Write the book or articles that you’ve always wanted to write?

• Enrich the relationships with your family, your kids, and your spouse?


Here are just some of the topics I'll be covering in the Program

• Conscious / sub conscious model of your mind

• Motivational principles

• 3 key elements of human nature

• Balance of mind, body, and spirit

• Change

• You Inc

• Current behaviours

• Achievements

• Resistance to change

• Finding your passion

• Seeker

• Detective

• Riddler

• Risk taker

• Self Image and Success

• Mistakes and Risk-Taking

• Values

• Goal setting

• Purpose, Vision & Meaning

• Masterminding

• Strategic planning

• Time management

• Systems

• Success tools

• Marketing/selling

• Relationships

• Visualization

• Thinking big

• Theory of precession

• Habits—making them work for you

• Multiple streams of income

• Dreams

• Persuasion and strategic influencing skills

• Overcoming obstacles

• Eliminating Fear

• Communication Skills – interpersonal

• Facilitation / leadership skills

• Leaving a legacy

• Next Steps and Action Plans

and much more …


If you’re ready to take you and your work to the next level, if you'd like to double—or even quadruple—your success in the next 12-18 months, then you'll want to be part of this unique experience Empower your vision, discover your passion, state your intention and go for the inspiring life that you design.

Yes! I'm Ready to Create the Breakthrough, Charles! 
Click Here to Take Me to the Next Step: Just say: “I’m ready!” 
And I’ll send you all you need to know.

This Could Be a Major Turning Point in Your Life

Almost all success stories can be traced back to one single point in time—to one decision or event—that made a profound change in the way people operated. This Program can be that for you, as it has been for many before you.

Be prepared for profound discoveries, ‘ahas’, insights and remarkable breakthroughs.

Ordinary people can produce extraordinary results if they have the clarity, the passion, the tools, the belief and the support to make it happen. And by being a Passion Program Participant, you can have all that and more.


A little bit about me . . ..

Charles Kovess, LL.B. (Hons), LL.M., CSP, MAICD, MAITD

I am the founder and CEO of Kovess International. Since 1993 when I ceased practising law, after a successful career that spanned 20 years of high levels of business in Australia, I have steered the activities of Kovess International in ways that have proven the value and benefit of our passionate provocations and solutions.

I am the author of the acclaimed books Passionate People Produce and Passionate Performance, and co-author of 7 Heavenly Virtues of Leadership, a Certified Speaking Professional, keynote speaker, seminar facilitator and corporate mentor/coach.

Kovess International’s corporate clients include Australia Post, ANZ Banking Group, AXA, City of Greater Dandenong, City of Stonnington, City of Whitehorse, Coles Myer, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Deakin Prime, Dept of Finance & Administration (Federal), Dept of Human Services (Vic), Dept of Treasury & Finance (Vic), Hydro Tasmania, National Australia Bank, Optus, Brisbane Lions, Origin Energy, Siemens Australia, Uncle Ben's, Real Estate Institute of Victoria, Sanitarium Health Food Co., Telstra, Tourism Victoria, and many others. Kovess International’s clients include 35 of the top 350 corporations in Australia. On top of this, many thousands of individuals have gained great value from our work.

Hundreds of testimonials are available to validate the value of our work to our clients.

“Your Program was an excellent opportunity to revisit many fundamentals that are of vital importance to both self and a corporation.” - Rod Chadwick

“Every time I sit in your workshop I take the information in at a higher level. I am so excited! Talk to me in six months time!” - Robyn Gray

“Charles’ seminar was moving and passionate. It provoked me to look at my behavior at work so that I could make a bigger difference.” - Rebecca Parker

This Program is NOT for you if you . . ..

• are unwilling to take an honest look at yourself and your life

• are not open to new—and sometimes revolutionary—ideas

• want to hang onto your excuses

• if you think this is a replacement for therapy

• want your life to remain the same

• are living and want to continue to live only in survival mode!

“Hello Charles,
1 I have followed your many newsletters with my personal aim to be passionate about what I do 
2 While I was a Freelance Professional Waiter, I achieved a level of success, mostly with Customer delight at my level of service. Together with my passion to remember their names, which always amazed patrons at the restaurant that I worked at on a regular basis 
3 However, I wanted to achieve more. 
4 I have recently retired from the Hospitality industry and have become a successful Stock market Trader. I have achieved consistent result with verifiable figures 
5 I now can influence people to raise their sights to achieve a better life for themselves, just as I have been able to do [ I say this with humility, as it takes lots of disciplined work, the learning curve is steep and I have a long way to go] 
6 However, I have now inspired others to stretch and set goals higher than ever before 
7 I wish to "Thank you" for your inspiration and as a Passion Provocateur as you have had a profound effect upon my life 
8 I am recommending you to my friends and associates Until we met again. God bless you and your family, Charles” - Martin J Kennedy”

“Dear Charles.I just finished reading your book It is fantastic and one of the very important books I have taken notes from for my children and friends. Well you speak the truth and I have been walking the path myself. I am Austrian and passionate about my life and the sacredness of all of life. Heartfelt greetings”- Ursula Braunshirn

“When two or more people coordinate in a spirit of harmony and work toward a definite objective or purpose, they place themselves in position, through the alliance, to absorb power directly from the great storehouse of Infinite Intelligence.” —Napoleon Hill author of Think and Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill found that successful people make decisions quickly. And change them—if at all—very slowly.

Imagine the possibilities that a Program like this could mean for your life, your family, your business, your career and your unfulfilled dreams. Don't hesitate. Do it now!


Warning Number Two

Those of you who've been around us for awhile—some of you since 1993—know that we guarantee everything we sell and everything we do. This Program is designed to help you commit to what you are passionate about, and so it is not cheap! I have found that investing in a cheap program leads to cheap commitments. My Program is proven to be world-class, and I refuse to give away world-class information at a cheap price.

I know there will be people who will not enrol because of this.

But the Passion & Profits Program is for people committed to extraordinary achievement. They know that in order to fulfil their unique potential, they must be committed to their own achievement and transformation.

DO NOT sign up for my Program unless you are that kind of person and are ready to become a world-class achiever.

What I CAN guarantee is that you, like many thousands of others over the years, will truly find that this course will propel you down the road of success, passion, fulfillment and fun. I don't think this, I KNOW this based on experience and the results achieved by previous participants.



Just to make absolutely certain that all the risk on this Program is on me, if you find after the Program that you are not making the progress you want after you have applied the insights and principles that we share during the Program, I guarantee to give you personal one-on-one coaching to the value of $3630 (that is what I charge to my clients) that will propel you on your passionate journey.


Your investment for this world-class Program is only $495 (including GST). This is incredible value enabling you to have access to exceptional education, coaching, training, mentoring, masterminding and networking which will make you more successful and productive than ever before.

I've been advised to charge way more than that for this Program. But I didn't want to keep anyone out. If you're serious about reaching your goals, you'll find a way to be part of this and make it happen. You're making an investment in your future and will gain the knowledge, skills and tools you will be able to use for the rest of your life.

Yes! I'm Ready to Create a Breakthrough. 
Click Here to Take Me to the Next Step:
 Just say: “I’m ready!” 
And I’ll send you all you need to know.

IF you need to make your investment over a period of a few months, you can choose to do that. Your investment will be five monthly instalments of $109, a total of $545 (including GST), payable via credit card.


It's not about what the Program costs; it's about what it's worth. And NOT participating in this Program could cost you tens of thousands of dollars of unearned income.

Remember, hope is not a strategy. And unless you make changes, it's highly unlikely the next couple of years will be much different than the last two.


P.S. How many months will you allow to go by WITHOUT achieving your most important goals? Make this the LAST one.

Come on: stop playing life at an average, unfulfilling level

Make the decision to participate!

If you're interested in this Program but still have questions, please call me at +613 95622248

I can promise this: the passion-filled experience, the information and the strategies I have put together for this Program will make it a changing experience in your life.


No, Charles, I'm just not ready. But I WOULD like to find out more about your strategies for living a life of passion. Click Here for more information: Just say: “I need more info” 
And I’ll send you all you need to know.

Charles Kovess
Founder & CEO